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The International Women’s Leadership Affiliate Program introduces a simple way for you to be even more financially empowered while “Living with Grace and Passion”.

Would you like a simple way to work less and have more time for yourself?  Does the idea of creating an additional source of income with less effort interest you? Would you like a fun and easy way to give yourself more time, even more financial freedom and truly live with grace and passion?

The International Women’s Leadership Program is offering you an opportunity to help others and make money by continuing to do what you already do now—sharing our programs with other women in your life!  Through our affiliate program you can empower yourself and others while creating more time and money for yourself so that you can truly live with grace and passion.

What the Program Is

The International Women’s Leadership Affiliate Program is a commission-based referral program.  When you refer customers to our program and they purchase products such as “Living with Grace and Passion” you will receive a 10% commission on that sale.

Once you have earned a minimum of $20, commissions are paid out 60 days after payments for products are made in full.  We pay you by check or through PayPal.

There is no cost to become an affiliate.  Simply sign up with us by clicking on the button below, refer our products to the special women in your life, and let us know where you want us to send your checks.  It’s that easy!

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How the Program Works

Becoming an affiliate is free and easy.  Simply sign up by clicking on the button below.  You will be assigned an affiliate ID number and will have access to web banners, logos and marketing materials to help promote our products. 

All of our marketing materials and promotional tools will be pre-coded with your ID number so we can track your referrals.  You will also have access to our affiliate tracking center where you can monitor your referrals, stats, and earnings whenever you would like.

There are several ways you can share our products with your list of friends, family, clients, colleagues, and associates:

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Questions about the Program

What are the benefits?
There are many benefits to the International Women’s Leadership Affiliate Program.  In addition to earning additional income, it can also be used as a tool to augment your current business by providing clients and colleagues a guide to help increase communication.  For example, deals may be negotiated more clearly and with less effort. 

The communication benefits extend far beyond the business realm and into other relationships in your life such as those with friends and family members.  By helping others transform their lives, you will be integral in creating an empowered community around you.

What if I only want to do this part time?
Great!  We are happy to have you on our team.  How much time you devote to this is entirely up to you.  We have many affiliates who promote our products on a part-time or casual basis.

Can I really make money with this?
You can earn as much or as little as you want with our affiliate program; it all depends on how much effort you put into it.  Some people work the program on a part-time basis, while others have turned it into a lucrative home-based business.

I’m busy; does it take a lot of time?
This depends on you.  You can put as much or as little time as you have into promoting the products.  However, our affiliate program is a way to give yourself more time freedom and truly live with grace and passion.

What if I don’t have a website?
No worries.  You can email, send personal notes, or just talk about it with people.  Remember to give them your affiliate ID number so we can track the referral for you and make sure you remain both financially inspired and rewarded!

If you have more questions, please feel free to email us at

Click Here to become an affiliate

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